Jack Wagner Plastic Surgery

Jack Wagner is a famous American singer and actor. His most famous roles are in the TV series Santa Barbara, General Hospital, Melrose Place and The Bold and The Beautiful. Did he do something to try and stave off his signs of aging?

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A lot of people says that yes, he did. Jack Wagner is rumored to have had eyelid lift, nose job, facelift and cheek implants. If he did get these jobs done, do you think Jack Wagner succeeded in trying to look younger? Share with us your thoughts and leave some posts below.

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One comment on “Jack Wagner Plastic Surgery
  1. Cate says:

    I think you have pre-surgery pictures. And you have them reversed. The pic on the right is the earlier picture. I saw a picture of him and barely recognized him. Neither of these pictures are post-operative. I wonder what he had done…

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