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Heidi Montag is best-known for being one of the cast of the series The Hills. But in an attempt to prolong her fame she did something that even she regrets.

Heidi-Montag-Butt-01 **EXCLUSIVE** **FIRST BIKINI PICTURES** Heidi Montag shows off her new beach body in a self-designed bikini Heidi-Montag-Butt-02

In search for the ‘perfect’ her, Heidi Montag claims that she almost got herself killed by going under ten surgeries in one day. These procedures includes but is not limited to breast augmentation, butt augmentation and rhinoplasty. Many even say that she went overboard with some of these procedures. This may be true but luckily enough this doesn’t include her butt augmentation. She did have some job done to her booty to make it bigger and plumper but at least it still looks almost natural.

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