Haifa Wehbe Before Plastic Surgery

A Lebanese actress and singer, Haifa Wehbe is also a former beauty queen. A lot of transformations could be seen happening to how she looks as the years passed. What exactly did she do?

haifa-wehbe-before-plastic-surgery-01 haifa-wehbe-before-plastic-surgery-02 haifa-wehbe-before-plastic-surgery-03 haifa-wehbe-before-plastic-surgery-04 haifa-wehbe-before-plastic-surgery-05

Plastic surgery, that’s what. Or at least, that’s what the rumors say. There are speculations that Haifa Wehbe have had several nose jobs, cheek and lip fillers, chin implants, brow lift, and breast augmentation. She’s also said to have had some job done on her buttocks and thighs.

Do you think all the changes in Haifa Wehbe are all natural? Or are the rumors true? Tell us what you think about Haifa Wehbe and her alleged surgeries by posting some comments below.

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