Gary Busey Plastic Surgery

Gary Busey is an American Actor and has been on the screens since 1974 for “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot.” On December 4, 1988, he had a motorcycle accident that nearly ended his life. The accident was so bad that it required two hours of surgery to remove the blood clots between his skull and brain. Rumor has it that he had to undergo plastic surgery to repair the damage from the accident.

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The actor was riding his motorcycle when he turned sharply and was thrown from his bike. Based on his account, he “came down on the curb head first, hitting the back of my head, then the right side of my head and then my back” before he passed out. He was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he stayed for four weeks before being moved to a rehabilitation center specializing in head trauma. Now, those who observe his movements says that the right side of his face does not move the same way as it used to. Whatever the doctors did, whether he had plastic surgery or not, that experience changed Gary Busey. He was told that most of those who run into the same accident do not make it and he was indeed very lucky. The experience may have changed the way he looked or the way he looked at life or both.

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