Gary Busey Facelift

Gary Busey is an actor who has appeared in movies like Lethal Weapon and Under Siege. He had a surgery before because of a cancerous tumor in his sinus cavity. But is this all the surgery he had?

gary-busey-facelift-01 gary-busey-facelift-02 gary-busey-facelift-03 gary-busey-facelift-04 gary-busey-facelift-05

There are speculations that say that Gary Busey had a facelift to improve his aging looks. It seems that compared to his current age, which is 70 years old, he looks younger.

Do you think Gary Busey had a facelift? Or are the changes in his face just because of his motorcycle accident in 1988 and his surgery for the tumor? Tell us what your thoughts are by posting a message below.

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