Fergie Plastic Surgery

Stacy Ann Ferguson or whom we know as “Fergie” is an American singer-songwriter and was a member of The Black Eyed Peas before she decided to walk solo. Fergie co-hosted the TV show, Great Pretenders. She sang hits like Big Girls Don’t Cry, Fergalicious, Glamorous, and Clumsy during her solo debut album. She’s currently married to hot actor Josh Duhamel.

fergie-before-plastic-surgery Fergiebrunette Fergie-Duhamel-Plastic-Surgery-Face-Before-And-After-Photos Fergie-Plastic-Surgery-Before-And-After

This sexy singer has been speculated to have had gone under the knife for different types of procedures like a nose job, breast implants, lip fillers, face fillers, and botox injections. Looking at her photos, you may notice slight differences in how she looked before and what she looks like now. Do you think she had anything done? Slide us a comment below.

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