Fairuza Balk Plastic Surgery

Fairuza Balk is an American actress known for her first appearance in film as Dorothy Gale in Disney’s Return to Oz back in 1985. Since then, Fairuza appeared in several films such as Valmont, The Craft, American History X, The Water boy and Almost Famous to name a few.

Fairuza Balk Plastic Surgery01 Fairuza Balk Plastic Surgery02 Fairuza Balk Plastic Surgery03 Fairuza Balk Plastic Surgery04 Fairuza Balk Plastic Surgery05

Now at 41, Fairuza looks 10 years younger than her real age with a supple and flawless skin to boot. People are speculating that Fairuza might have sought the help of a cosmetic surgeon and decided to give botox a try.

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