Enrique Iglesias Hairline

Enrique Iglesias is a Spanish singer and songwriter who made the songs Bailamos and Hero a hit. He can be usually seen wearing a hat which he said makes him look mysterious. But a lot of people say otherwise.

Enrique-Iglesias-Hairline-01 Enrique-Iglesias-Hairline-02 Enrique-Iglesias-Hairline-03

Rumors say that that the reason he always wears hat is because he is balding. Now, looking at more recent pictures, he is accused of wearing wigs. Some guys think that going bald detracts from their manly looks and maybe Enrique Iglesias is that kind of guy.

Enrique Iglesias, now 39 years of age, is also a record producer and actor. His latest album is 2014’s Sex and Love.

Looking at these pictures, do you think going bald would detract from Enrique Iglesias seductive image? Post your answer below to let us know.

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