Enrique Iglesias Hair Piece

He is one of the best selling Latin artists ever. He is the son of the internationally famous Spanish singer Julio Iglesias. He has been successful in crossing over from Hispanic market to the mainstream and has been called “The King of Latin Pop”.

enrique-iglesias-hair-piece-01 enrique-iglesias-hair-piece-02 Latin GRAMMY Awards - Press Room enrique-iglesias-hair-piece-04

Have you ever wondered why Enrique Iglesias constantly wears a cap? Many have noticed and they are quite convinced that Enrique has been covering his developing hair loss by wearing a hat all the time. Based from his pictures from way back when he was still starting his career it was fairly visible that his hairline was already receding. Looking at his pictures now his hair looks good and stylish. Could it be that he is wearing a hair piece? Let us know and leave your comments below.

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