Duchess of Alba Plastic Surgery

Maria del Rosario Cyetana or more popularly known as the Duchess of Alba is always a constant source of controversy among gossipmongers and paparazzi for marrying her third husband.

duchess-of-alba-before-and-after duchess-of-alba-botox duchess-of-alba-plastic-surgery-before-after-photos

However, didn’t you know that third time’s always a charm? Aside from this, the Duchess of Alba is often the butt of jokes and ridicule due to her disastrous face lifts and other plastic surgery brouhahas. The duchess is claimed to have undergone the following procedures: facelifts to bid adieu to her wrinkles; facial fillers to pull off a younger vibe; her catastrophic lip injections which made her lips look disproportionate and rhinoplasty to make her nose look smaller.

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