Diane Sawyer Plastic Surgery

Who doesn’t know Diane Sawyer? The darling of the crowd, Diane is labelled as one of the most successful female broadcast journalists in America. An anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight and a co-anchor of Good Morning America, Diane is often seen in American televisions.

diane-sawyer-plastic-surgery-01 Diane Sawyer T diane-sawyer-plastic-surgery-04

Spending most of her time in the spotlight, any changes in her appearance is quite obvious to on-lookers. Recently there are words on the street that Diane went under the knife to age gracefully. At 69, Diane looks younger with a tightened skin, wrinkle-less forehead and absence of crow’s feet, a positive result of botox. Aside from this, there are claims that she had blepharoplasty (eye surgery) and neck lift.

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