David Beckham Hair Loss

Hot British football superstar David Beckham is reported to be troubled by a health condition that most men has no control of: Male Pattern Baldness (MPB). Recent photos of Beckham shows some consistent pattern of baldness which is quite obvious given his facial features.

David_Beckham_Hairloss_1 David_Beckham_Hairloss_2 David_Beckham_Hairloss_3 David_Beckham_Hairloss_4 David_Beckham_Hairloss_5 David_Beckham_Hairloss_6 David_Beckham_Hairloss_7 David_Beckham_Hairloss_8

Experts and observers are of the opinion that David’s hairlines receded by almost two inches from his temples over the last five years. Despite its pesky effect, David still looks every bit of an eye candy such that his MPB is not such a sore to onlookers.

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