Courtney Cox Breast Implants

Courtney Cox has had numerous roles on TV and the silver screen. She famous for playing a role in one of the longest running TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and the most recent one, Cougar Town. She also starred in movies like Ace Ventura, Scream, and Bedtime Stories.

Courtney-Cox_Breast-Implants-1 Courtney-Cox_Breast-Implants-2 Courtney-Cox_Breast-Implants-3 Courtney-Cox_Breast-Implants-4 Courtney-Cox_Breast-Implants-5

Cox has got an undeniably pretty face but her breasts has caught viewers’ attention, too. She used to have smaller breasts and she’s already turned 50. Most women her age who have already done breastfeeding can’t have full breasts¬†unless breast implants were placed. ¬†Of course, the actress has not confirmed speculations.

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