Courtney Cox Boob Job

Courtney Cox has already admitted that she uses fillers and Botox in her face. But is her face the only body part that she had enhanced?

courtney-cox-boob-job-01 courtney-cox-boob-job-02 courtney-cox-boob-job-03 courtney-cox-boob-job-04 courtney-cox-boob-job-05

It has been rumored that the actress had a boob job done postpartum. You can see from photos of her before and after that shows her breasts looking bigger and firmer. If ever she had a boob job done, kudos to her plastic surgeon for a job well done. Her boobs are just right and natural looking.

Do you think Courtney Cox had breast implants? Or was it just because of push up bikinis? You be the judge. Tell us your opinion by leaving some comment below.

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