Cheryl Hines Plastic Surgery

Cheryl Hines is in her 50’s but not all women her age can look like her! She’s popular for playing as “Cheryl” in the hit TV series “Curb Your Enthusiasm. The very same role earned her 2 Emmy Award nominations. She’s also done a bit of directing here and there.

Cheryl-Hines-Plastic-Surgery-03 Cheryl-Hines-Plastic-Surgery-02 Cheryl-Hines-Plastic-Surgery-01

So, what’s this lady’s secret to staying wrinkle free and maintaining a stunning figure? Healthy diet? Regular exercise maybe? There’s also a huge possibility that the actress resorted to plastic surgery procedures as it’s highly unlikely that her unchanging features can be achieved by healthy living alone. Do you think Cheryl got work done here and there, too? Don’t forget to leave comments below.

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