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Controversial is a word that best describes Charlie Sheen. Son of an award winning actor Martin Sheen and siblings to Emilio, Ramon and Renee who are all Hollywood actors also. His personal life made headlines mainly because of his drug/alcohol abuse and his widely publicized domestic problems. Since all eyes are on him it is difficult for him to escape the hair loss issue being thrown at him. Is he really going bald?

Chicago White Sox v Toronto Blue Jays charlie-sheen-hair-02 charlie-sheen-hair-03

Charlie Sheen is said to be losing his hair as a result of his cocaine abuse and is rumored to be wearing a hairpiece. Some pictures of him circulating online shows that his middle scalp is thinner than his hair at his back. Some say that he also had hair transplant procedures. Well, whatever it is, be the judge. Check out his pictures and leave a comment below.

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