Carmen Electra Plastic Surgery Before and After

Tara Leigh Patrick, or who we know better as Carmen Electra, has already admitted to getting breast implants. But is this the only procedure that she had done?

Carmen-Electra-Plastic-Surgery-Before-And-After-01 Carmen-Electra-Plastic-Surgery-Before-And-After-02 Carmen-Electra-Plastic-Surgery-Before-And-After-03

Carmen Electra’s most prominent roles came from the TV series Baywatch and the films Scary Movie and Meet The Spartans.
There are rumors that aside from breast augmentation, the now 42 years old actress also had botox and lip fillers. If she really did it, then congratulations for not going overboard. She still looks natural, at least above the neck.

In your opinion, does Carmen Electra look like she had other plastic surgery procedures done aside from her confessed breast implants? Tell us your answer to this question by leaving some posts below.

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