Carmen Electra Before Plastic Surgery

There are rumors that Carmen Electra had several plastic surgery procedures which include breast augmentation, eye lift and botox injections. Which of these procedures have been confirmed?

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Carmen Electra is an actress, model and TV personality. She has appeared several times in Playboy. You may also remember her from her role in the TV series Baywatch. Some of her films include Scary Movie and Meet The Spartans.

Carmen Electra has already confirmed that she had breast augmentation. She had her breasts increased from 32B to a 32DD. However, the rumors about her eyelift and botox injections are yet to be confirmed or denied.

Tell us what you think about Carmen Electra and plastic surgery. Do you think that breast augmentation is the only procedure that she has ever had? Tell us your answers to these questions by posting some comments below.

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