Blake Lively Nose Job

Blake Lively is a 28 year old actress known for her role in the series “Gossip Girl” and the films “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” “Accepted” and the “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee.” She started acting at the very young age of 10 and has since graced Hollywood with her beauty and talent.

Blake-Lively-before-and-after-nose-job Blake-Lively-before-and-after-nose-job-2 Blake-Lively-nose-job-before-after Blake-Lively-Plastic-Surgery-Before-and-After-nose-job1

Despite her obvious beauty, it is said that this actress still felt the need to get a nose job. In some of her old pictures, it can be seen that her nose is more rounded, compared to her newer pictures where her nose is more sharper and pointed. Still, it does not overshadow the fact that Blake Lively is more than just beauty. She is a very talented actress and to prove it, she has won several awards such as the Teen Choice Awards, Awarded at the Newport Beach Film Festival, at the National Board of Review and awarded by the Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association. So, nose job or not, this young woman is still a full package of talent and beauty.

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