Blake Lively Breast Implants

Blake Lively captivated and wowed us with stunning outfits and flawless make up when she starred as Serena in the hit teen series, Gossip Girl. She’s also in films like The Town, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Green Lantern, and recently, The Age of Adaline.

blake-lively-breast-implants Blake-Lively-breast-implants-before-after Blake-Lively-Breast-Implants-Plastic-Surgery-Before-And-After-Boobs-Job-pics blake-lively-plastic-surgery Top-Famous-Hollywood-Breasts6f

Although Blake Lively has the height and built of a model, she opted for a bustier version of herself and did something to get firm, well sculpted breasts. It might be exercise or it might be something else. We’re not entirely sure since the actress has not confirmed rumors of plastic surgery or what the exact reason is behind growing bigger breasts.

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