Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery

Funny man Billy Crystal has entertained us numerous times with his humorous one liners and antics. We’ve seen him host the Emmy’s and star in movies like When Harry Met Sally and Analyze This. He’s also the voice behind “Mike” in the Monster’s Inc. and the Monster’s University animated movies.

Billy-Crystal-Plastic-Surgery-03 Billy-Crystal-Plastic-Surgery-02 Billy-Crystal-Plastic-Surgery-01

Although Billy has made millions laugh, he’s not immune to criticism especially with his looks. People noticed the unnatural way Crystal face has “transformed” therefore, rumors had been spreading on what surgical procedures this comedian had undergone. There are speculations that he has had a face lift, botox, and face fillers to keep his face from looking old and wrinkly.

Do you think he has overdone it or does his face look simply natural? What are your thought on this? Leave your comments below.

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