Bethenny Frankel Facelift

Bethenny Frankel is famous for being a TV personality, author, entrepreneur and talk show host. Recently, there have been talks about her change in appearance. What could it be?

Bethenny-Frankel-facelift-04 Bethenny-Frankel-facelift-02 Bethenny-Frankel-facelift-01 Bethenny-Frankel-facelift-05

A lot of people are saying that Bethenny Frankel had a facelift and possibly cheek fillers and botox as well. She has written four books and started Skinnygirl Cocktails, a spirit brand.

Looking at these before and after photos of Bethenny Frankel, do you think the rumors are true that she had a facelift? If she did, did it make her look younger? Tell us your answers to these questions by leaving some comments below.

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