Ben Affleck Balding

Yes, Ben Affleck, the actor who can make women swoon, particularly in Armageddon where he was paired with Liv Tyler, who is also quite the looker.

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Rumor has it that Ben Affleck started balding very early and has resorted to wearing a toupee or hair piece to cover his receding hairline. Unfortunately, as what happens to any Hollywood star, people just want to talk about his flaws and so, speculations about him getting hair surgery has also been around for many years. A specific point of contention is his hairline in the last years where it appears too straight to be real. Going back, though, to his photos when he starred in Shakespeare In Love, where his hairline was very different and looks more natural. So, do you think that Ben Affleck had a hair surgery or not? Why don’t you share your thoughts here.

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