Axl Rose Plastic Surgery

Axl Rose is the gorgeous frontman of the ultimate rock band, Guns N’ Roses that emerged in the rock music scene during the late 80’s. Despite the popularity of their songs and the epic ruckus they created with their strong sex appeal that most ladies were dying to get a glimpse of them, specially Rose, he disappeared from the spotlight and eventually emerged looking very…very different from how he used to look with his long locks and handsome features. He looked so different that we didn’t even recognize him at all.

Axl-Rose-Plastic-Surgery-03 Axl-Rose-Plastic-Surgery-02 Axl-Rose-Plastic-Surgery-01

We don’t know what exactly happened but we’re leaning more towards Rose getting an appointment with an inexperienced plastic surgeon that made him look fab to drab with procedures like Botox, chemical peels, facial fillers, cheek implants, a face lift, and most probably a nose job.

The 90’s rock god remains mum and has not released any reaction towards the rumors concerning his “supposed” plastic surgery procedures but before and after photos are clearly telling us more than he could ever tell us.

Do you think Axl Rose has gone overboard with all these procedures? Tell us what you think by listing your comments below.

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