Axl Rose Hair Transplant

William Bruce Rose Jr. is an American musician, singer, songwriter and leader of the band Guns N’ Roses. You probably know him as W. Axl Rose, the long haired lead vocalist and the only original member of the band remaining with the group who is by the way still active up to now.

Axl-Rose-Hair-Transplant-1 Axl-Rose-Hair-Transplant-2 Axl-Rose-Hair-Transplant-3 Axl-Rose-Hair-Transplant-4 Axl-Rose-Hair-Transplant-5 Axl-Rose-Hair-Transplant-6 Axl-Rose-Hair-Transplant-7

He has maintained his rock style image and has been spotted at different night clubs with ladies still dropping at his feet but what you may not know is Axl Rose is suffering from hair loss. Recently pictures of him circulated showing him without a hat or a bandana which he usually wears on the top of his head. He appears to have a normal hair which made everyone assumed that he had a hair transplant procedure.  Could it be true that Axl is going bald? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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