Audrina Patridge Botox

Some of the rumors associated with Audrina Patridge getting botox to enhance her looks is something she has yet to confirm. Until she addresses it, if she ever does, what do you think after looking at the pictures below?

audrina-patridge-botox-1 audrina-patridge-botox-2 audrina-patridge-botox-3 audrina-patridge-botox-4

We don’t want to suggest anything either way, but these before and after pictures don’t make it obvious that she has undergone a plastic surgery procedure. Sure some could say that her face looks smoother, which is many cases would suggest injections. We understand that her chin has changed some; which is why she might have had chin implants. But at the end of the day, we would much rather here what you think about Audrina Patridge and what else you feel we might consider. Let us know below!

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