Aubrey O Day Weight Loss

Talented is one word to describe Aubrey O’Day. Stocky used to be another word for her, though. This singer, songwriter and model did not always have a perfect figure. In fact, her weight would fluctuate often.

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How did Aubrey O’Day lose weight? Is it by getting a liposuction or going under the knife? The answer is a resounding “no.” According to the singer/songwriter, she lost weight because of Barry’s Boot Camp. This method is self-proclaimed as “the best workout in the world” and it combines cardio and strength training in each of its classes.

If you could lose as much weight as Aubrey O’Day and look as good too, you’d be happy, ecstatic, in fact. For O’Day, it looks like she is extremely proud of her new figure since she has been posting photos of herself in bikinis on her Instagram account. She also said that she has been keeping the weight off by saying NO to soda and fast food.

Do you think this is her secret or could she have gotten surgery to lose excess weight?

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