Anjelica Huston Plastic Surgery

Who doesn’t know Anjelica Huston? An award-winning actress, she is the third in her family to be an Academy winner after bagging the Best Supporting Actress award for her role in Prizzi’s Honor. Now 63 years old, could it be true that Anjelica Huston had plastic surgery to try and stop aging?

Gotham Magazine Celebrates March Issue With Cover Star Debra Messing anjelica-huston-plastic-surgery-01 anjelica-huston-plastic-surgery-02 anjelica-huston-plastic-surgery-03 anjelica-huston-plastic-surgery-04

Anjelica Huston is now said to sport unnaturally plump cheeks and smooth face which looks weird with her saggy neck. Could it be that her surgeon overlook this?

Well, plastic surgery or not, no one can deny that Anjelica Huston is well known for being Morticia Addams in the two Addams Family films. What do you think about Anjelica Huston’s plastic surgery and her talent as an actress? Share with us your opinion by leaving a post, or two, below.

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