Andie Macdowell Plastic Surgery

Who would even think that model turned actress, Andie Macdowell already turned 55? She honestly looks more like someone in her early 40’s.

andie-macdowell-plastic-surgery-01 andie-macdowell-plastic-surgery-02 andie-macdowell-plastic-surgery-03

Hollywood is literally flooding with celebrities that have gone under the knife. Some turned out to be too depressing to look at while others turned out great. Take Macdowell as an example. Although there’s no confirmation as to whether or not she has had some work done, rumors point to her getting breast implants, an eyelid surgery, and botox injections. We’re not complaining, we’re simply amazed on how seamless and natural her cosmetic surgery procedures turned out! Does it look natural to you or did she take it too far? List your comments below.

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