Amanda Holden Botox

Actress, presenter, and singer Amanda Holden is well known for being a Britain’s Got Talent judge. But she’s also known for another thing. Being one of the rare celebrities who’ve given up botox.

Collars & Coats Gala Ball - Red Carpet Arrivals Amanda-Holden-Botox-02 Children's Champions 2009

Amanda Holden has said it herself that after her difficult birth with her second child, she decided to say goodbye to botox and hello to Collagen Wave Facials. Amazingly, I think she looks better post-botox.

Amanda Holden is also known for her roles in the TV series Cutting It, the musical film Thoroughly Modern Millie and Shrek The Musical.

What do you think? Did saying bye bye to Botox do Amanda Holden a lot of good? Share your answer with us by leaving some messages below.

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