Alyson Hannigan Boobs

41 year old Alyson Hannigan is an American actress. You may know her from her the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer where she played the character of Willow Rosenberg and in the film series American Pie where she played the character of Michelle Flaherty.

alyson-hannigan-boobs-01 alyson-hannigan-boobs-02 alyson-hannigan-boobs-03

There are rumors that the redhead had a boob job done to improve her bod. However, if she did have a boob job, it was done conservatively so that it still looks natural.

You’ll see her this year in the film Modern Love as Rachel.

Anyway, looking at her pictures above, do you think Alyson Hannigan had some work done on her boobs to make them bigger? Tell us what you think by posting the answer below.

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