Ally Walker Facelift

Allene Damian Walker, or simply Ally Walker, is an American producer, screenwriter, actress and director. She is best known for her roles in the TV series Profiler, Sons of Anarchy and The Protector. She is also famous for the films Universal Soldier and Kazaam. But did Ally Walker go under the surgeon’s knife?

Ally-Walker-facelift-05 Ally-Walker-facelift-01 Ally-Walker-facelift-02 ally-walker-facelift-03 ally-walker-facelift-04

A lot of people are saying that Ally Walker had a facelift. They say that instead of making her look younger, the plastic surgery ended up making her look even older and unnatural.

Whatever the reasons for her change in appearance, do you think that she looked the better for it? Or are what other people are saying right? Share with us your opinion by leaving some posts below.

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