Alexa Ray Joel Plastic Surgery

Alexa Ray Joel is the daughter of the famous artist, Billy Joel and his wife Christie Brinkley. She’s also a musician and a song writer herself.

Alexa-Ray-Joel-Plastic-Surgery-03 Alexa-Ray-Joel-Plastic-Surgery-02 Alexa-Ray-Joel-Plastic-Surgery-01

However, it sounds like her unrecognizable facial appearance has garnered more attention than her music these past few years.

There are rumors that she got a boob job and a complete facial reconstruction. Naturally, Joel shuts down these rumors. She openly¬†admitted getting a nose job but she points out that it’s the only procedure she has ever had done.¬†She mentions in one of her posts that the reason why she looks so different now is because she lost a lot of weight and has got an uber talented make up artist to do her face every day. Look at her before and after photos and decide for yourselves.

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